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The creators of Sol Patrol NFT have been creating custom software solutions under the name Tumi Labs for a variety of ecosystem projects since 2021. With zero vulnerabilities on all deployments and rigorous engineering process. We can assure you that your projects are built with the proper due diligence by the team at Solana Studio.

For the 2023 Sandstorm Hackathon, our team built an open-source game-development protocol: Honeycomb Protocol. This was released for developers to have the infrastructure to simplify game-dev on the Solana network.

Custom Development

The software solutions that are shown in the ToC below are just a piece of the work that has been completed and are the essential white-label offerings by our development studio.

Custom developed software can be designed to your design specifications on request. Please open a ticket in discord with your inquiry and we will set up a meeting.

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