Mission (Games)

The evolution from staking to missions led us to develop a great deal on the Solana network, which then lead further into game-development.

Simple Missions

An NFT missions simply refers to a task or challenge that must be completed by the NFT holder to receive a reward or unlock a benefit. Our simple missions will utilize an escrow contract or NFT Freeze authority, that is then time-locked until the NFT is recalled by the holder. Our simple missions is usually deployed fully on-chain but sometimes a reward may require a hybrid solution, utilizing a REST API that requires a trigger for the reward (i.e., a holder will unlock extra utility).

Advanced Mission (Games)

More complex missions based game can be developed from the simple missions. If missions are utilized as in-game quests, then these programs can be configured for holders to farm resources (and stored on-chain in PDA as in-game points). For example, in Sol Patrol we utilize resources that are farmed from Missions to upgrade different buildings for each players City.

Guild or Party Missions

Utilizing our new Honeycomb Protocol - we are designing a Guild Kit that will allow holders to establish a membership, leadership and hierarchy within the Guild or Party. This group of holders will than be able to send NFT's together on missions and determine the reward distribution to each individual.

The Guild-Kit on Honeycomb Protocol is still in development, we are expecting to have this complete in mid-February.

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