Metadata Update

If your collection is Mutable and an error is identified in the metadata. Our team can update all the data with an off-chain and on-chain solution. If the metadata update is time-sensitive, then it is recommended to update all metadata using an off-chain VPS and then to follow up with a on-chain storage solution. As the off-chain solution can be completed within hours (with images), while the on-chain can take 1-2 days depending on the collection and image size.

Data Stored on VPS (off-chain)

An off-chain private server will host the metadata, this is very beneficial if the metadata needs to be often updated. As changes can be made extremely quickly. There are over-head costs with a VPS but can be considered fairly negligible.

Data Stored on Arweave (on-chain)

For a more permanent solution, an on-chain database like Arweave or alternative can be utilized. However it is not recommended for time-sensitive metadata updates, that require changes to be made immediately.

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