IMPORTANT NOTICE Integration of the new Metaplex royalty enforcement asset class Programmable NFT (pNFT) to the staking program is complete. Any projects that has launched staking and is looking to upgrade to the new asset class will need to contact-us soon (90-day window for the upgrade). Please open a ticket or message a Council member within discord to notify us.

The Sol Patrol development team has created multiple custom staking solutions. It's one of the first contracts that our team developed and deployed on Solana mainnet for the NFT community Sol Patrol. The staking contract is not based off any pre-existing code base (i.e., Gem Farm or the like) but was custom developed in Q4 2021 and has been under numerous revisions for a smooth user experience.

Staking can be customized as custodial (utilizing an escrow) and non-custodial staking (NFT stays in the users wallet). The options are outlined as such:

  • Custodial Staking

  • Non-Custodial Staking utilizing the Freeze Authority

Custom Features

Rewards or token yields can be given custom variables for creators wishing to have dynamic yields with multiple NFTs staked or time-variable. Additional features for staking yields can be custom designed (i.e., in-game Experience Points).

The following are some examples of the dynamic yields that are currently available within our staking program:

  1. Staking Age Based (length of time that the NFT is staked)

  2. Number of NFTs staked by a specific holder

  3. Collection based multipliers

  4. Creator based multipliers

  5. Specific NFT multiplier

  6. Specific NFT trait multiplier

Staking UI

Our user-interface and staking experience are custom designed to the style of your project. Features for Stake All, Claim All, Unstake and Stake all are also included.

With the network upgrade of Versioned Transactions - limitations for batching larger quantity of NFTs is now being removed. Approximately 100 NFT can now be Staked/Unstaked with a single transaction.

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