🛡️Command Center

The Command Center is the main hub for players. Here you will be able to send your NFTs on solo missions, create guilds and form parties to complete group missions. The Command Center is a defensive building, the higher the level - the more defense strength for your city.

Guild Mission

Alliances with players are possible from the Command Center. Players can invite other individuals into their Guild. A player must initiate the Guild and will be assigned the Guild Leader position. The leader of the Guild can then invite members that are not already in a Guild. Guild Leaders can initiate Group Missions which will require at minimum of 2 players to join. A Guild leader can also determine the distribution of the rewards when initiating the mission.

Attacking Players

Players will have the ability to attack other cities through the Command Center.

All players will be able to see the incoming troops and their invading troops. A section on your dash will list the Start City, End City, Type (Attack or Incoming), Time Remaining and a Details button. During a pending invasion on your city, you will not be able to see any of the details of the attack until the attack has landed. However if you have initiated the attack, you will only see the number of troops sent to attack the city and the full details will be populated within the details section after the battle is complete.

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