Trait Shop

Our trait shop/editor can function is many ways. For the 2023 Sandstorm Hackathon we launched our NFT protocol called Honeycomb and demonstrated a unique minting experience utilizing Versioned Transactions and the new CMv3 candy-machine guards. The demo allows users to pick all the traits as SFT's (semi-fungible tokens) and to build a NFT using these traits.

You can test our submission demo on devnet at

The application can be custom tailored to your needs as it is designed on our modular protocol. A simple use cases can be to allow users to submit traits and to swap or add in traits as SFTs with a SFT marketplace. The trait shop can also be used for project owners to release custom traits with the ability to not only edit traits but to also assemble and dismantle an existing NFT into SFTs.

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