Sol Patrol


The goal of this game is to rebel. It is impossible for a player to live off the grid. The goal is to break the confinement of the grid, disrupting through conquering. Welcome to the real-time multiplayer strategy game. Players build their city on a map, with buildings serving a purpose. Players will send their NFTs on missions to collect resources and invade other cities to capture resources. Guilds and alliances will now be possible using the Honeycomb protocol - a custom protocol developed in-house that utilizes the new Versioned Transactions on the Solana network.


Each season within the game will continue until 90% of the entire map has been colonized by either a single player or guild. Once the first season is compete, the second season will commence. Between each seasons, the team will be working to improve the game play, adjust rules, and troubleshoot/patch bugs.

Tumi Labs

The game is possible thanks to the relentless effort by our team Tumi Labs in creating new innovative solutions and design architecture that have accelerated our core IP infrastructure. With now over one-year of experience for the entire team, we've trained many experienced engineers with a focus on smart-contract and full-stack development.
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